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For those who are new, I drive programming at my leadership platform with a big element of adventure.

I’ll be in Barcelona in December for 13 days. This trip, includes a VIP Day with a client to work on her TEDTalk and e-book. It also includes a visit to a restaurant that has been on my vision board for years for my 51st birthday.

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What I’ll be up to in Barcelona…

I will be staying in a sunny and airy Airbnb with French doors that open to the street. Located near La Sagrada Familia. My VIP Day client is staying in one of the hotels on Conde Nast’s list of 32 Best Hotels in Barcelona.

I am now booking VIP Days for 2024 in London, Nice, Florence, Paris if you want to work on your thought leadership.

I am looking forward to these restaurants. My client is vegetarian so we are visiting CECCONI’S Soho House Barcelona, Fonda Espana, and Berbena

Jordana will be taking us on a private tour of the architecturally magnificent Hospital Sant Pau, built 600 years ago.

I treat every VIP Day client abroad to a half day spa visit. We are headed to the Aire  Baths Barcelona for 90 minute massages and time in the subterranean thermal baths, deep beneath the walls of Barcelona.

Most importantly this trip I am in Girona, Spain, later in the week for El Cellar de Can Roca, ranked at the top of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

As always, I’ll be sharing snippets of my trip on my Instagram @joyadass but I also post daily diaries on LinkedIn. But, as you know, I always hold back the best of the best for my newsletter subscribers.


Now on to “What I Did Last Week


My friend and I took a rocking Soulcycle Survivor class in the West Village with instructor Lo. Most classes are 45 minutes. “Survivor” classes are an hour. It was a great reminder of how much joy comes from great music. 

We watched the docuseries Arnold following the three chapters of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life on Netflix. He’s a flawed man, but there is true power in having a vision, declaring it out loud, and taking inspired action. It’s how he built 3 successful and separate careers: a body builder, starring actor, and politician.



I was in a voice over studio at Ripley Grier with my friend and colleague Amanda Wick to talk about all the things adventure teaches us about leadership. Stay tuned to this space for that limited edition podcast series.



 Going to the DMV to get a new driver’s license is my very definition of hell on Earth. But a small business has come up with a genius idea: Offer vision tests online with a licensed optician and renew your drivers license online. It’s $49 bucks to used Cleared to Drive, but saved me time, energy, sheer anger in having to line up an actual vision test and going to the DMV. I get my new enhanced driver’s license needed for travel to Canada and Mexico in two weeks. I learned that I’m an early adopter of technology and glad for it.



I posted the “10 helpful lessons I’ve learned during my life”. It got 15,500 views on LInkedIn: Number 6 speaks to the power of environment design. Codie Sanchez (founder of Contrarian Thinking) says, “Show me your friends, I’ll show you your future.” Check out this video from Dr. Ben Hardy at 3:26 on people who have hope, versus those who do not.

Thursday was an evening solo adventure. My partner asked, “Who are you going with?” I said, just myself. He said, “that’s sad.”

I said, “Why? I adore going to new experiences by myself. I meet new people. I get to share. Don’t worry about me!”

Thursday evening, I went to deep Brooklyn to take a perfume making class with Nathan from Paris.

I learned the architecture of perfume. First there are the primary or “base notes.” Mine were tobacco, myrrh, leather. The middle are the “Heart notes.” Mine were honeysuckle, Muguet, white ginger. My top notes were “bay rum, peach, black tea.” I made some adjustments by adding more drops of tobacco concentrate. The final flourish is alcohol to dilute the concentrate and bottle it up. See REEL.


I’m starved for some good conversation with good friends right now. I’m looking forward to catching up with my friend on the Upper East Side at one of our favorite haunts Match 65.


What I’m looking forward to

Saturday. Hamptons! I’m hosting one of my signature Mastermind conversation designs with 9 women at a vineyard in the North Fork Saturday. A limousine is ferrying us all from Manhattan to vineyard and back home again.

I booked my apartment in Nice, France for June and July 2024. I’ll be hosting the 2024 year class of the Mastermind there as well as client VIP Days.

I’ve also planned the other cities I will host client VIP Days in 2024: Q1 London Q3 New York Q4 Paris. 

Be sure to be added to my Client Queue. Book a minimum of 30 days in advance. With international trips, I’m also building you an immersive cultural experience, so I need a minimum of 60-90 days.


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