9.10 Edition

In this newsletter, I share whats happening with me both personally and professionally.

But first a story:

In 2014, (back when I still took cabs) I was in the backseat, futzing with the video screen to turn the annoying video off. It was a woman teaching how to quilt.

By the third cab, it was the third time I watching the video. I had to turn up the volume this time. The woman was closing out a segment of NBC Nightly News.

I said to myself, through gritted teeth, “WHY IS A SEGMENT ON QUILTING PLAYING IN NEW YORK CITY?”

This was hardly the audience for the craft. Well, it turns out Jenny Doan (the woman in the video) was teaching women how to make a quilt in a day. It’s a craft that usually took weeks. Maybe even months. Her workshops at the Missouri Star Quilting Company were so popular, women from all over the Midwest were banging down her door to attend. At the time, she 155,000 subscribers. Her video tutorials had been viewed 28 million times. She had a million followers on Youtube. With 85 employees, she was one of the biggest employers in her home town of Hamilton, Missouri.

Today when people ask me, “How did I get on TV?” I cite Jenny Doan’s example. I drafted Three takeaways from her story you can implement if you want media for you.

I’m teaching how to create a body of work that gets clients (and media) in the 2024 class of the Mastermind. Apply  here.

Now on to this week’s newsletter.


What I Did Last Week

Saturday, we did a sunset sail with North River sailing. See Reel

Monday Labor Day I did a full body workout with one of my favorite group weight lifting instructor Sylvia Borwoska at Liftonic. It was also a full class at 9 am. I did my weekly review of the week past and upcoming, before heading off to a friend’s birthday dinner at Crown Shy.

Tuesday. I drafted how to retain the joy and feeling of vacation in everyday life.

Wednesday. Planned the cities I will host VIP Days in 2024: Q1 London Q2 Nice, France Q3 New York Q4 Paris and drafted The 5 Content Mistakes Everyone (From Intern To Executive) Should Avoid

Thursday Art fair season has descended on New York City and I took the afternoon to connect to this joy. My friend Julia invited me to VIP Day at the New York Art Fair in the Javits Center and the Independent Art Fair at Casa Cipriani. See REEL.

In the evenings, I’m watching Season 2 of the Turkish drama The Tailor on Netflix, set in Istanbul.

Friday is self-care day. I’m getting my hair colored by Marlene Melby. It’s been 4 weeks. Folks have been commenting on my skin. I attribute it to my facials with Nikima Frenche at Ageless Skin & Body. I hear her voice in my ear when travelling, “Big hat. Big sunglasses. Wear sunblock!”


What I’m Looking Forward To

Next Saturday, I’m in the Hamptons hosting 8 business women at a vineyard for a day of wine tasting and mini business problem solving at the table. This is one of my favorite events to host. There are 2 spots remaining. Sign up here.

Columbus Day weekend, I’m at Scribner’s Lodge, an hour north of New York City. I’m offering a VIP Day with a client who wants to do her thought leadership strategy here. Sign up here. 

Of course, I’m already thinking about wardrobe for the long weekend. This shirt from the brand “Frank and Eileen” —one in Indigo and one in black. Inspired by this wool jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch, I got this oversized wrap from J. Crew to layer over a camel sweater from the brand.. This Betty Cardigan or this merino wool sweater from Sezane are on my wishlist, along with these joggers from Lou & Grey.

As always, I’ll be sharing my trip on my @joyadass Instagram. I post daily there. I am celebrating my birthday in Barcelona this year. The entire agenda will only be available to my newsletter subscribers.

Are you looking to do your thought leadership strategy in Paris, London or Nice in 2024. Be sure to be added to my waitlist. Book a minimum of 30 days in advance since I’ll give you homework to complete. With international trips, I’m also building you an immersive cultural experience, so I need about 60 days notice

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