8.6 Edition

This past week, I hosted a vision board event. 

One woman’s board grabbed us by jugular and didn’t let go.  She had a desire to buy a vacation home in Mexico, and the azure blue of the pool was something everything could feel, even through a Zoom call. 

One woman didn’t put any images on a board. She was in transition and questioned if she even deserved to have these dreams. I wrote this blog post on “upping what you think you deserve.”

Later at the monthly meeting of SheSuite. I shared the 5 journal prompts that helped me to realize most of what’s on my 2023 vision board. Sometimes, just because you have tasted success “doing things the way you have always done it,” doesn’t mean that’s the prescription for success today. I also offered an exercise I offer to my Mastermind members titled “Your Personality Isn’t Permanent.”

And now on to….

What I Did This Week

Saturday evening, Matt and I went to the movies. If you knew him, you would know “Barbie” was out of the question.  We saw the many women of “Mission Impossible.” They fight. They do stunts. They save. They are power brokers—all while perfectly coiffed and tailored. No damsels in distress here. But note, one 60- something-year-old Tom Cruise gets 3 younger leading ladies.

Sunday, I woke up missing being in Paris. I sat on the stoop outside the Brooklyn Heights based L’appartement 4F with a coffee and croissant and watched the world walk by.

Monday, we celebrated some of Matt’s good news with dinner in the garden at Vinegar Hill House.  If you go, please have the pet nat and the Guinness chocolate cake, with cream cheese frosting. It’s so good.

Tuesday, I met up with former Women’s Leadership Lab member and interior designer Tina Ramchandani at one of my favorite downtown restaurants, La Mercerie. I had the steamed cod and a glass of chenin blanc. My business coach always reminds me to stop and celebrate a good business moment. I treated myself to these brightly colored resin bangles from Dinosaur Designs from Australia on the way to dinner.

Thursday, I hosted a VIP Day with a client who is launching her own advisory.

Friday, I hosted a second VIP Day with a client who is working on the topic for her TedxTalk. I dipped into my favorite Dumbo nail salon Plaza M afterwards for a wax before leaving for the annual Women’s Leadership Lab Sail Tuesday. 

What I’m looking forward to

Last year was a 7 day sail of the Dalmatian Coast. This year we are sailing the Turkish coastline in a vessel native to the country, called a “gulet.” As always, I’ll be documenting the entire trip on Instagram in my stories.

Preparing for a trip like this is like preparing for leadership. With 6 transfers, 4 flights, and 8 island stops, this is my list of 24 essentials that are coming with me.

They include

  1. Water shoes for the rocky surfaces while snorkeling
  2. Exorbitant amounts of sunscreen and skincare (hey I’m 50)
  3. Electronics for documenting it all

Hamptons for my next Mastermind lunch and mini business problem solving with other women leaders.

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