8.29 Newsletter: What I’m Working On with My VIP Day Client in Barcelona | Starting a Personal Brand From Scratch

8.29 Newsletter

My VIP Day client in Barcelona is CEO of a healthcare concern. There are certain macro conditions at work and she needs her constituents to take action —soon. Very soon. Time is of the essence.

She has made some critical changes on her own team and board. There is a playbook here that can be modeled and scaled.  I will be interviewing her to create the following assets. 

  1. Case studies to show how she has gotten people to take action.  
  2. Playbook on creating a team that reflects the demographic she serves. 
  3. Case studies on how to create a board as diverse as the demographic she serves. 
  4. E-book, anchored in her personal story, on what women in leadership need right now to be successful. Many don’t know HOW to support. 


There is room for one more client in Barcelona. Apply to work with me on your thought leadership here.Now on to this week’s newsletter, where I offer:


One leadership tip

Joanne Tombrakos is interviewing me for an episode of her podcast this week on ‘How women build a personal brand from scratch?” Here are the 7 steps I’m sharing:

  1. Like my client above, you may already have a brand. I ask my clients to do a “First Impression Audit” to figure out what that brand is and what needs improving.
  2. Client love exercise. Which clients do you love working with? Which clients love working with you? What do they all have in common? 
  3. Time Log Exercise. Many of my clients are searching for the connecting dot. The dot that connects their previous life to their current work. This exercise helps to discover that ‘connecting dot.’
  4. What is the ‘one thing’ we can hang your personal brand on? What are 3 subtopics that support that ‘one thing.’
  5. Which platforms will you be showing up? Where does your ideal client hang out?
  6. What’s keeping your ideal client up at night?
  7. Build community (What are your email capture mechanisms in order to keep speaking to this community. Is it a newsletter? A blog? A podcast?


One Public Speaking Tip

The next time fear is dictating your next action, Fearless Coach Bisi MacGregor says, “Pat yourself on the back.” Listen in at 19:22 minutes into this podcast interview with me.


One Adventure Tip


One of my favorite events to host around the world is a Mastermind conversation with 8 women. My next one is a lunch at a vineyard in the Hamptons Saturday September 16th.

Can you join us? 

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