7 Stories Resilient People Tell

7 Rules of Resilient people

Resilient people tell these 7 stories to themselves:

→I am autonomous and independent 

→I seek out new experiences 

→I use skills I *already have* effectively

→I believe that me, not my circumstances, affect my achievements.

→I determine my own fate.

→I see adversity as an opportunity to learn and grow

→I meet the world on my own terms 

Afar Magazine recently shared a story of two 80-year-old grandmothers from Abilene, Texas, who travelled the world in 80 days, inspired by Jules Verne’s novel.

They met at a medical mission in Zambia.

Since then they have ridden the Trans Siberian railway, navigated the Japanese subway, and rode camels in Egypt.

Now they are planning their 85th birthday trip.

👉🏽They arrange all of their own travel plans

👉🏽They stay in hostels, local inns, rooms of private homes.

👉🏽They eat at local restaurants

👉🏽They never say no to a spontaneous experience.

👉🏽They are resilient.

But it wasn’t always this way.

They had two very, very bad tragedies happen in their lives.

Their husbands died.

Resilience can be learned.


↪️ Change the explanation from internal to external

🎛 The reframe: “Bad events aren’t my fault”

↪️ Change the explanation from global to specific

🎛 The reframe: “This is one narrow thing rather than a massive indication that something is wrong with my life”

↪️ Change the explanation from permanent to impermanent

🎛 The reframe: “I can change the situation, rather than assuming it’s fixed” 

📍 The same goes for locus of control

↪️ Change it from “external” to “internal”

→You become more flexible

→You shake things off quicker

→You learn from it.

→You grow

Change it from “internal” to “external”

→It becomes a threat

→It becomes an enduring problem

→You become more inflexible

→You are more likely to be negatively affected

The two grannies documented it all on their blog “Around the World at 80.”


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