7 questions you can use to actually make great content for your personal brand (instead of just reading other people’s thoughts and staying stuck):

In 30 days, members of my Samita Lab Mastermind head to Nice, France for their ‘Deep Writing and Reflection” retreat.

This retreat comes at the half-way point of their year with me. We will be doing exercises to harvest stories that will be in service of their personal brands…and the TED style talk they will give on stage November 14th..

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I’ve rented an old French villa, with outdoor space, for the three days of writing intensives while on the ground in Nice.  We will be doing a cooking class, visiting the Cours Saleya market for our fresh vegetables and meat. We will be  learning the architecture of perfume, which has parallels to a personal brand.

Questions I will be asking 

7 questions you can use to actually make great content for your personal brand (instead of just reading other people’s thoughts and staying stuck):

Write a letter to your future self (Download how here)

  1. Here you can find powerful tools for remembering (and share them)
  2. Here you can track how much you’ve grown (and share what helped)
  3. Here you can refocus on what’s important to you (and how you arrived at it)
  4. Here you can keep perspective (and how others to do it too)

Your Life is a Wealth of Knowledge

5. For the next 10 minutes, making a list of life experiences you can draw from.


  • My experience editing the school newspaper
  • My brother’s incarceration
  • Taking a bus alone to Florida at 16

6. What can you do to add to your bank of experiences?

7. What are things you really want to experience?


  • I want to learn French
  • I want to live in Spain
  • I want to run a 10K in Scotland and then do the distilleries

If you regard everything you do as groundwork for writing or public speaking you may do someday, you might be inclined to pay more attention to it. You might also be inclined to explore the unknown and unfamiliar more.


Which brings me to the great art installations under the Mediterranean Sea, courtesy of artist Jason deCaires Taylor. We have chartered a yacht to sail from Nice to Cannes to snorkel in this stunning underwater eco-museum (seen below) where Taylor has put his art installations. It took over four years to develop. It features a series of six monumental, three-dimensional portraits, each over two metres in height and ten tons in weight. The sculptures can be found near the island of Sainte-Marguerite, one of the Lérins Islands.

The six works are based on portraits of local members of the community, covering a range of ages and professions. For example, one sculpture is of Maurice, an 80 year old local fisherman, and another sculpture is of Anouk, a 9 year old primary school pupil. 

I love organizing out of this world experiences like this to see what kind of inspiration it stokes in my members’ writing.

Cooking Class

We will be doing a cooking class as a group. In the morning, we will head to the Cours Saleya market in Nice to get our fresh vegetables and meats. At about 11am, we meet up at the sun drenched studio to cook. Cooking classes not only build the group bonding, but it also highlights the soft skills such as communication and management

Perfume Making Class

We will be doing a perfume making class. As we learn the architecture of perfume, there are parallels to building a personal brand. The base notes are the “THING” you known for. Its the problem you solve in the world. The heart notes, are the pillars. What amplifies the problem you solve? The top notes, are the first impression you make when you first meet and what hits you in the face, when you first spritz perfume on your wrist.

You can’t make the Retreat, but you crave the storytelling strategy

As always, I’ll be sharing snippets of my trip on my Instagram @joyadass

I only enroll for my Mastermind once a year, but I am hosting 1:1 storytelling retreats. You spend 36 hours with me in to work on your branded talk or content.

We can only take 1 client per trip, so if you’re interested in working with us for either, we recommend you submit your request here.

We just shipped off client itineraries for “Paris at Christmas” and “Fall in Lisbon” I’m so excited for our clients to head overseas soon for these trips.

What I Did Last Week

What I’m looking forward to


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