7.30 What I Did This Week (and what I’m looking forward to)

What I Did Last Week - Version 18

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was still transitioning back to home after a beautiful month in Paris. I’ve thrown myself into gardening on my back deck. Saturdays, Uber ferries me to either the Brooklyn Lowe’s or the Chelsea Garden Center. Sometimes, several times.

It connects me back to the daily joy I felt walking the streets of the Marais.

What I did this week

Matt and I had date night at the Painting Lounge in Williamsburg. The class was titled “Paint the Empire State & Chrysler Building,two icons of NYC at dusk.” Matt didn’t get the assignment 🙂 See last slide.

Finally, I wrote up my 4 favorite places to find *quiet space* in Florence. As a leader and as my business grows, I’m needing more quiet time. This is my love letter to the four places I found it in this historic city.

The weather was perfect for the Sunday Polo Matches at the Greenwich Polo Club July 23. I paired this boater hat from Etsy with a dress from Gerard Darel in Paris.

I hosted a VIP Day with a client at Dumbo House. WIth these day long intensives,, I work on storytelling and thought leadership strategy with clients. In this case, we worked on connecting her personal story to the systems and processes she uses to help neurodivergent clients deal with overwhelm.. She developed the systems for herself first! Frankly, anyone feeling overwhelmed (and who hasn’t felt that?) could use her systems—and therein lie the universality of her message.

Members of my Samita Lab Mastermind are getting ready to deliver a Tedx style talk on leadership on a NYC stage November 16th. I gave them this Ikigai exercise to help. At the intersection of “What you love, What you get paid for, What people need, What you are good at”  is your ‘reason for being”

I host a business Mastermind for C level women and 7 figure business owners. I’m currently enrolling for the 2024 class.  Join the waitlist here.

Friday, I was back up at 2:30am to do morning TV. As a force of habit, I pack everything the night before.

What I’m looking forward to

Dinner at the Robert Restaurant in the Museum of Arts and Design in Columbus Circle with old colleagues from my days of television at Bloomberg. They have since moved back to their native Asia, but were visiting. The views of Central Park at sunset are stunning from this penthouse location.

I’m bringing 8 women leaders together Saturday June 29th at 10am EDT to share our vision boards. One person wrote me to tell me their vision board lives in their mind. Nice, but that doesn’t activate the RES or Reticular Activating System of the brain to make the images your reality. Sign up here. Instructions on how to build a vision board if you have never done it before. 

Packing for Istanbul. With 6 transfers, I’m only bringing a carry-on. I can’t wait to wear my dresses from Australian designer DISSH.

Isn’t this balloon bottom dress so Turkish?  I can’t wait to find the perfect backdrop for it. I think I gave my tailor a heart attack when I brought it in to shorten it. 

One spot open for Turkey


What is a VIP Day?
Domestic. International.

You want to land a TedxTalk.

You want to connect your personal story to your work.

You want to work on your thought leadership.

Imagine waking up at the Le Meurice Hotel, located in the heart of Paris to work on this. Away from the demands of everyday routine, kids, work, you gain incredible perspective. You created the space for it. 

At breakfast at Le Dali downstairs,  we have our first 90 minute sprint of work.  

This year,  we are doing these VIP days in Florence, Paris, Istanbul, Barcelona, and of course, New York.___

Sign up here

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