2/30 7.23.2023 What I Did This Week (and what I’m looking forward to)

What I Did Last Week - Version 19

Earlier this week, I published this blog post on that I am living a life of the travel and work that I had envisioned in 2023, because I dedicate time each week to thinking strategy. Thinking ON the business versus “in the business.” I follow Matt Gray. Using the ancient Japanese philosophy of “Ikigai,” he created a Venn diagram to unlock insights into how to align a life with his deepest values and aspirations.

It lies at the intersection of 

  • what you love
  • what the world needs
  • what you can be paid for
  • what you are good at

I did the following:

  • I answered the questions.
  • I put them into a Venn diagram. I share my Venn diagram here.
  • Then I enlisted an accountability partner to review it with me to see what I may not see.


What’s your Ikigai?


Now onto our regularly scheduled programming….


What I did this week

  • Did morning TV again, with that beautiful 2:30am wakeup call. I dip in when my long time friend Jane is out. We both have delivered business news from the Nasdaq Marketsite or NYSE for years.. Those 230am wakeup calls were brutal in my 20s and 30s. They didn’t get any less brutal in my 50s
  • Built my Vision board on invisionapp.com, which includes plenty of travel.  PS. As an American passport holder, I’ve had the luxury of traveling most of the world without a visa. But that’s all about to change in 2024. This Conde Nast Travel article outlines a new EU travel document requirement starting next year. 
  • Tuesday I had dinner with my friend Gino who teaches Executive Presence at the Graduate level at Baruch College and shjares my deep love of travel. Reading his book recommendation: Why Travel Matters: A Guide to the Life-Changing Effects of Travel by Craig Storti.
  • Matt says my bathrobe is ratty. Turkey is known for its towels, right?. Wednesday morning, I had a virtual appointment via Facetime with a sales rep Greg at Jennifer’s Hamam to share my measurements and pick the fabric for a new robe. I picked an ‘ecru’ color, and a thick looped towel fabric. We head to Istanbul for the annual Womens Leadership Lab sail August 12-19.  We had one person drop out. There is room if you would like to join us. DM me at joya@joyadass.com
  • Thursday, I had a day long intensive with my own business coach Leah. We strategized about enrolling candidates for the 2024 Class year of my Mastermind, and business for the rest of 2023. She treated me to a beautiful massage and half day retreat at the Spa at the Mandarin Oriental and encouraged me to really think about how this experience embodies the energy of a 7 figure business owner.  I arrived at this conclusion from Marla Tabaka: “To fulfill your purpose, to find the answers you seek, and to be the future-self you want the world to see, you must first love the person you are in this very moment.” –Marla Tabaka. Being at the Mandarian Oriental was the most loving act I could give to myself Thursday afternoon.
  • Friday night, Matt and are had ate night at the Painting Lounge in Williamsburg. We drew the Empire State & Chrysler Building at sunset. Matt didn’t quite do the assignment :). Wait till the last slide to see what I am talking about.


What worked

Consistently connecting to the joy I felt in Paris by painting, writing, gardening. Consistent content production. 


What didn’t work

Before I left for Paris, I contained my alcohol intake to 2x a week minimum and to just wine.  I indulged in wine while in France, but I seem to be continuing to indulge at home here in New York.   I stopped drinking because I wanted more creative downloads and idea downloads for my business.  It offered me the clarity. Remembering and connecting to my bigger ‘why’ helps.


One decision I’m making this week

Resuming my morning journal practice, answering these questions

  • What are your highest forms of growth and progress you have experienced in the last 90 days?
  • Based on value, what are you committed to experiencing and realizing in the next 90 days?
  • What is possible now that wasn’t possible 90 days ago?


What I’m looking forward to

  • Feriye Restaurant in Istanbul
  • Polo in Connecticut was cancelled last Sunday due to rain, so we are heading to the Greenwich Polo Club this Sunday.
  • I host a business Mastermind for senior women leaders. As I begin to enroll for the class of 2024, I’m bringing 8 women leaders together June 29th to share our vision boards for the rest of 2023 and 2024. Sign up here.
  • Instructions on how to build a vision board if you have never done it before.



I host a business Mastermind for C level women and 7 figure business owners. Each of the 8 women spend the year, building a powerful personal brand, culminating in them giving a Tedx style talk on a NYC stage in November.

I’m currently enrolling for the 2024 class.  Join the waitlist here.

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