6 High Value Ways to Follow-Up After a Big Event (Conference, Gala, Tradeshow)

6 High-Value Ways To Follow-Up After A Big Event
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6 Ways to Follow Up with tons of contacts after a big event (Gala, conference, tradeshow)

I went to the Black Star Awards Gala last night, where I connected with some very smart people that I would love to connect with in the future.

For collaborations.

But after a big night, it can be overwhelming to follow up. Here is the system I use.

1/6 Connect on LinkedIn at the event

You can scan your own LinkedIn QR code. Or scan theirs.

If their email address isn’t there

  • Use the chrome extension “Rocket Reach” to find their most recently used email 
  • Use LinkedIn sales navigator 
  • Ask a friend in common to connect you

2/6 Share a specific detail from your conversation in the follow-up

  • Reference a specific detail from a conversation, about their child, about their vacation. 
  • Bill Clinton would write down children’s names and details on the back of a business card.
  • Actively listen at the event.

3/6 What if they shared a business card?

Most business cards feature a QR code on them now

  • Use your camera to scan the code
  • Add the person to “contacts”
  • Send an email sharing what you loved about the event and why you wish to connect further

4/6 Write a social media post about the event

Share photos, videos, or blog posts recapping the event 

  • Tag your contacts who were present or featured. 
  • Send them a direct message with a link to the content

5/6 Schedule follow-up meetings

Especially, if there were potential collaboration or business opportunities discussed during the gala 

  • Reference them in the email
  • Be specific about what you connected on

6/6 Provide value or resources

In coming days, share articles, whitepapers, or books that may benefit your contacts.

  • I proactively spend 30 minutes each day, reading newsletters, newspapers, magazines
  • I keep a running list of articles in my Notion.so so I can easily cut and paste or send
  • I like to use a tool called “Feedly” to program in a keyword that relates to a prospect. It sends me a daily digest of articles on a specific topic, culled from magazines, newspapers, trade papers. I can save them in my Pocket app and share them as I find them interesting.

At The End Of The Day People Want To Be Seen+Heard+Remembered


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