5 Things You Could Be Doing Right Now to be a Better Networker on LinkedIn

5 Things You Could Be Doing Right Now to be a Better Networker on LinkedIn

My go-to guru on all things LinkedIn related is @JoeApfelbaum. I’ve been lucky to sit in on two of his webinars and host him as a speaker at my women’s initiative. 

Here are the five things you could be doing RIGHT NOW to rocket boost your networking abilities on this social media platform.

  1. CHANGE YOUR TAGLINE TO REFLECT WHAT YOU ARE SEEKING. In other words, Joya Dass, TV Anchor, Founder, LadyDrinks Women’s Networking. Notice that my third mention in the tagline reads ‘Seeking South Asian women executives interested in leadership development.’ This mention is important because it comes up in the queue, even before you have clicked on my profile.
  2. CHANGE YOUR ‘ABOUT’ SECTION TO READ IN THE THIRD PERSON. As leader of an executive women’s network, I connect people all day long. Each time, I write one of these connecting emails, I hotlink a person’s LinkedIn profile. But I go one step further. I share a line or two about what this person does and where I see synergies. State this clearly in your ‘about’ section, so all I have to do is ‘cut and paste.’ It makes you so easy to refer.
  3. HOW TO CONTACT YOU IN YOUR ‘ABOUT’ SECTION. Unless you ‘friend’ me on LinkedIn, you won’t get my email. I want folks to contact me. So I put my contact details on how to hire me to speak at your organization right in my ‘about’ section.
  4. PUBLISH THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ON LINKEDIN. The other day, I heard the founder of the branding firm Red Antler speak. Rather than leave my notes in my notework, I wrote an article about it. Connections ‘liked’ it on LinkedIn. Joe says think of LinkedIn as a 24-7 networking party. As a result of my publishing this thought leadership, I’m connecting with a high quality of professional women and inviting them to attend my events. I would like to meet them! I enjoy meeting power women. After all, I am ‘seeking women executives interested in their leadership development.’
  5. CONNECT. If someone has liked my article, If someone has viewed my profile, If someone has sent me a connection request, I always send a personal note. I’m not inviting them to an event right off the bat ( after all, they may not be a lady suited for LadyDrinks!), but I am sharing that I’m excited that he or she viewed my profile. I encourage them to read my ‘about’ section because I am constantly updating it. And I wish them a good day! Sometimes, we continue to network, connect on the phone or meet in person. Sometimes, it goes no where. Either way, it’s helping me to be more intentional with my networking.


If you find these tips helpful, DM me. I would love to hear from you. A big ‘thank you’ to Joe Apfelbaum for sharing these tips.

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