5 reasons Women Might Want to Choose “I” Versus “We”

“I” Versus “We” Why Women May Want To Choose The First One

In this article about etiquette from 1948, women were socialized to say “we” or “our” instead of “I” or “me.” Its no wonder we struggle to claim credit for our work!

Here are 5 reasons why it might be important to start invoking the “I” in claiming your work.

  1. Sometimes, I work with clients whose work is overlooked or undervalued. By standing up and saying “I did that report,” she solidifies her role in the workplace and gets the right kind of recognition for her work.

  2. Daily, when I journal at night, I write down things I’m proud of from the day. It is a definite boost to my self-confidence. This self-affirmation is critical, especially in being a small business owner when not everyday is a win.

  3. Promotions and opportunities often go to those who are seen as most competent and confident. By using “I” to say accomplishments out loud, women make themselves more visible and considered for special projects.

  4. Clarifying Contributions in Team Settings: While teamwork is important, it’s also crucial to delineate individual roles and contributions within a team. Using “I” helps clarify what part of the work was specifically due to one’s own efforts, which can be important in assessments, evaluations, or discussions about team dynamics.

  5. Setting a Model for Other Women: When women confidently acknowledge their accomplishments, it can set a positive example for other women in the organization, encouraging them to also speak up and assert their contributions.

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