4 things I did to unlock storytelling work with clients in France for 3 months


Breakdown of revenue for each year I have run my business full time

  • 1st full time year         $ 87,614.32
  • 2nd full time year.      $119,483.05
  • 3rd full time year        $155,924.16
  • 4th full time year        $192,606.22
  • 5th full time year        $264,936.31

In the last decade,  I left full time TV to focus full time on my business.

When I took stock of my values (Adventure and freedom), I had no business being tethered to an anchor desk full time. 

This year, I will surpass that number AND do my storytelling work with clients in Europe for 3 months of the year.

Here are the 4 steps I did to make it happen:


Step 1 Journaled daily

I committed to writing each day as part of my morning practice answering the question: What do I want? I started to notice patterns.

I wanted to slow down. I wanted to be calmer. And more than anything, I wanted to live in Europe at least 4 weeks of the year. So what needed to change?


Step 2 Built recurring revenue through a subscription model

For years, I did mindset work. Personal brand builds.  6-week public speaking masterclasses, large staged events, retreats. 

One product or service would sell out and then I was marketing the next.

It was tiresome.

I had built a large community, but my business was always running in the red. 

So I changed my business model.

I also began work with a coach whose business model mirrored mine, combining strategy with international destinations with clients.

My Mastermind service would combine the retreats, mindset work, the personal brand build, and culminate in a TED style talk on stage in front of a live audience.

I 10xed my pricing and created recurring revenue. 

Several clients left the community when the prices changed, but I anticipated that.

I was now clear about the demographics –and psychographics –of the client I served.


Step 3 I started research a year in advance

Doing public speaking work in another countries with clients is my unique selling point. In order to be successful with it, 

  • I start to seed the program a year in advance.
  • I start to market the 2025 class curriculum in advance
  • I start to market the 2025 retreat in advance.

At this time last year, I was in Paris and started to research the possibility of Nice as a retreat destination.

I settled on the workshops I would host.

I secured my Airbnb at a great rate during peak season in the French Riviera by booking it in a year in advance.

Some of my criteria for a retreat:

Direct flights: United and Delta fly direct. This is key when transporting retreat attendees across the Atlantic.

Short flight: Flight time is no more than 7 hours from New York.

Amenities: The destination is a city that has pharmacies, groceries, many options for lodging and is in a sexy, desirable location.


Step 4 Held the audience attention

This is the biggest muscle flex: Holding that attention (and tension) for the next six months as I begin interviewing candidates for the 2025 class of the Mastermind.

I will talk about my main product everyday in my content

I will start to nurture relationships through my newsletter, paid community, and content.

Masterminds are an excellent way to serve your clients if you’re in a service-based business.

“You did for me in 6 months, what I have been putting off for years,” my client said to me last year. That’s typically what I hear afterwards.

I share how I create opportunity in my ebook, 5 Steps to How I Landed my TEDxTalk

Jeannette Prenger, CEO, Eccoselect
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