4 Prompts to Talk About Yourself on Social Media and Get them to Know, Like and Trust You

What Will I Talk About On My Social Media: 4 Prompts

“I am tired of knocking on closed doors. I want to attract my next opportunity, but how?”

You’ve just lost your job. (I’m sorry)

You apply to 3 jobs a day online.

It’s crickets.

The market is looking for younger, cheaper.

You are neither.

You start direct messaging people on LinkedIn, asking if someone is hiring.

It’s crickets.

You start wondering how this is going to work.

What you could do differently?

My answer: Storytelling.

Amanda Natividad, VP of Sparktoro, vowed, after her last job ended, never to engage in a traditional job search again. She wouldn’t knock on doors. She would ***attract*** the next opportunity to her through a steady drumbeat of content. ( My interview with her here)

The way a President campaigns BEFORE the election.

“Well, I’ll hire a coach to craft my content plan after my next gig.”

That’s like saying a President will start campaigning after he’s elected. What’s the point?

Natividad. She talked about marketing, her zone of genius. She talked about being a mom. She talked about what makes her quirky. Rand Fishkin, her boss, started following her, liked how she demonstrated her impact, and hired her.

I already know your next question: That’s fine, but what am I going to talk about?

Dan Martell, founder of Saas Academy, shares a “Character Diamond”

The 4 points of the diamond correspond to 4 things you could start with.

I”ll use myself as an example:

💥 What is your true north?

Said another way, what are your core values?

Mine is to see the world. Adventure. I’ve built a business around it.

💥 What is your kryptonite?

Said another way, what can’t you resist?

Mine is popcorn. Seriously, leave me on a deserted island with one food and this is it.

💥 What’s quirky about you?

I love hacks for packing. I create a digital whiteboard the minute I book the trip. I’m quite serious when you meet, but I did standup at Caroline’s on Broadway.

💥 What are your passions?

I want to see the world. You already know that. But I want to see sail the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain on a Benetti yacht.

Writing is like oxygen for me.

↪️ 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Download this cheatsheet so you can do some better storytelling about yourself on social media.  


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