4 Insights from Being Featured in a Photo Exhibit of 40 Revolutionary South Asian Women

4 Insights From Being Featured In 40 Revolutionary South Asian Women

This week, I was featured at an art gallery.

Photographer Priyanca Rao’s goal with the exhibit just off Park Avenue, was to highlight South Asian women considered “revolutionary” for their time.

→40 women

→Shot over several months

→All unveiled in 1 night

I said ‘yes’ to the project because Rao shoots photos with a depth and magic that makes it hard to tear your eyes away.

Although, there was tremendous diversity in age, profession, paths of the subjects in the room Tuesday night, (one had gone from model to monk), there were some things we had in common.

1. We don’t have to be married to have value.

“Are you married?”

I’ve had this question from cab drivers in New York City, the wax aesthetician at the salon, at the airport.

My perspective:

I have a partner. We have a home and a mortgage, a living will.

I may not be married, but I’ve always had a very firm vision for my life. And I’m living it.

Several women in the room had the same story, and were grounded in their decision.

2. Live life on your own terms. No one else’s.

Steve Jobs’ was diagnosed with cancer and estimated to live another 6 months.

He lived for 7 more years.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life,” Jobs said in his famous commencement speech at Stanford in 2005. “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

Several women in the room had gone against the grain, and dared to become DJ’s, ice cream purveyors, macaron purveyors. I had too by becoming a news anchor.

Ask yourself: Is your inner voice truly yours? Who’s voice could be influencing your inner voice right now? (Parents, partners, teachers, friends etc).”

3. We deserve to be the protagonist in our own story.

Actress Ambika Mod famously turned down the lead role in the popular Netflix series “One Day.” She thought it was absurd for a South Asian woman to play a romantic lead. When she dissected it further, she realized it was because she didn’t see women like her playing a romantic lead, and opposite a gorgeous white male.

She spoke on the stage at BAFTA, “As brown women, we deserve to be loved, we deserve to go after our dreams, we deserve to make mistakes, and we have the right to fail.”

We all deserve to be the main and lead protagonist in our own story. Not a supporting character.

4. Celebrate your wins

We don’t need to wait to be cast in a Netflix series to be recognized.

Thousands of years ago, we were primed to pattern match for the negatives. It was the difference between ‘finding lunch’ and ‘becoming lunch.’ Today, the primal instincts remain.

To offset this, we have to do more positive stacking.

Celebrate your wins. Even the tiniest ones.

This exhibit celebrated us.

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What I did Last Week

Honestly, I’m lining up for a full blown hysterectomy. Menopause has hit me hard.

So its been a litany of blood tests, x rays, doctor visits this last week. The healthcare system in this country is so broken. Somewhere along the way, people in charge of our care, got broken too.

My workouts, my work has been significantly impacted. Me not likey.

So nothing major to report.

What I look forward to

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