3 unexpected ways to hit at least 2 of your goals in 2024

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In todays’s newsletter, I’m going to teach my daily journaling habit that allowed me to hit every goal I set back in 2022.

  • Most set a goal, but have no real strategy for how to get there. So it stays a wish.
  • Folks start journaling, but stare at a blank page wondering what to write. So they stop.

Journaling can be a powerful ally in getting your goals

I share


This intentional, reflective personal development work builds the foundation for success. That’s why my Mastermind clients have

  • Gotten two promotions in two years
  • Recognized their self worth
  • Gone from being an owner/operator multi family units to building a fund.


I’m currently enrolling the class of 2024 for my Mastermind. Walk away with 30 pieces of content and one huge digital asset: A filmed Tedx style Talk on a NYC stage.

Apply by Oct 1st here and get early bird pricing ($2K off)


Now on to this week’s newsletter


One Leadership Tip

You want to take that public speaking class, but its more than you can afford.

You want to enroll in that Mastermind, but its not in line with your family budget.

But you see how it would elevate you at your role in the company if you invested in it.

Most women struggle to make the correct business case to their companies to sponsor or underwrite the above asks.

To make it easier, here is a template you can download to make the ask.


One Public Speaking Tip

My current Mastermind members are going through an 8-week storytelling workshop. It culminates in them giving a Tedx style talk on a New York City stage. It’s the most powerful digital asset they are creating from a year of building a personal brand. 

In service of this, I dredged up my top 3 performing videos on my YouTube Channel, sharing some of the tips I share with them.


One Adventure Tip

I’m a former business news anchor and have moderated conversations with CEOs of major companies for 20 years. I created a conversation design where each woman leader shares a business challenge.

Today I like to build experiences and then host a conversation around it. Champagne tasting. Sailing. Hiking the Tetons. Skydiving. Hamptons. And this event—perfume making with Nathan from Paris October 25th. Registration link here.

I tried out Nathan’s class before presenting it to you. See REEL


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