3 Templates That Got the Highest Engagement (and inbound leads)

While I create content for LinkedIn daily to build my personal brand, it wasn’t until I started using templates created by some very smart people, that I started to get quality inbound leads from my intake form.

It’s daunting to stare at a blank page and figure out what the heck to write. In this post, I share 3 of the top templates I have had great success with.

I found them in 3 places: A tool called Typeshare, Ryan Musselman’s The Parade System, and following key influencers on Twitter.

I’m sharing the actual post and stats associated with it underneath.

Question 1: What is your topic? 

Question 2: How would you insert it into these templates?

Template 1

This [time frame], [an event happens]

Here are 10 helpful lessons I’ve learned.

The post I wrote, which got 19,000 impressions. 26 comments and 4 reposts.


Template 2

She has [result]

Here’s what you probably don’t know:

When she first [action item]

How did this happen?

Here’s the story:

The post I wrote, which got 4,063 impressions, 43 likes, 6 comments, 1 repost.


Template 3

I [took an action] [time frame]

She said, 

When I took [action step] It took me [time frame], but I finally [did something critical]

_______ is the most obvious thing to do, but the hardest thing to do.  If you are curious about how I did it, here are the steps I took.

This post got 3168 impressions, 49 likes, 8 comments, 3 reposts.

Tip: On LinkedIn, there is a dashboard under Home>Post Impressions>Top Performing Posts. You can sort by Impressions or engagements.


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