3 foolproof scripts to decline offers without closing doors (perfect for the chronic over-committer)

The Anatomy Of How To Say 'No'

What story are you telling when you can’t say ‘no?’

This week, one of my clients was struggling.

Colleagues have been asking her to start her own thing.

Given that they have been recently downsized, they want to join her.

They respect her leadership.

She’s empathetic, but not ready to leave her corporate job just yet.


What story is she telling without an explicit ‘no?’

👉🏽Action: She may be prioritizing the needs of others above her own

👉🏽Message: I avoid conflict or like to be seen as cooperative.


👉🏽Action: She may struggle in general with setting boundaries.

👉🏽Message: I don’t want to be rejected. I’m not entirely confident standing my ground.


👉🏽Action: She might be driven by FOMO.

👉🏽Message: I’ll overcommit or agree to things even when I don’t have the time, energy, or genuine interest because I don’t want to burn the relationship.

I keep a file of scripts to help me navigate tough situations. I was born to immigrants, so I had to learn these.

Anytime, I find new scripts I save them.

I created this cheatsheet for you.

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