3 DIY tips for a killer small business marketing strategy

3 DIY tips for a killer small business marketing strategy

I am a fan of actionable advice that you, as a woman in leadership or a woman in business, can activate around as soon as you finish reading this. In this post I’m offering ways you could change up your marketing for your small business in these uncertain times and keep creating opportunity.
If you prefer to watch a video of me explaining this, that is here

Last week, one of my mentors Ari Meisel, said on a webinar, now is the great time to build email lists for your brand. Could you generate leads for your email list by creating a contest? Here is a Hubspot blog post that arms you with everything you need to run a successful social media contest on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter.

This week, Julie Cottineau, Former VP of Brand for Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, hosted a webinar on creating business opportunity in these uncertain times. She asked the audience if we could put a ‘twist’ on the offering we are typically known for. Let’s say you are a restaurant, with a dine-in service only? Could you offer take-out service? Some of the most chic destination restaurants in New York City such as Shoji, where Chef’s choice will run you a barn-burning $252, is doing take out boxes starting at $50. Services such as Bringg or Onfleet, which has created a job board connecting companies and drivers looking for work, can help with kickstarting a take-out and delivery business. Onfleet created this handy guide so you can be up and running in 5 minutes

If you’re a brick and mortar business and conduct business in-person interaction, could you create an ONLINE shop with Facebook, Instagram, Shopify, or BigCommerce with your productsLadyDrinks member Sonal Shah has a high end event planning business. She does bi-weekly FB Lives with high profile vendors and apparel makers, to keep building her brand.
In the last week, I’ve gotten three requests for public speaking coaching. One from a dentist who wants to spread the word about the effectiveness of treating emergency patients remotely. (Insurance now covers Telemedicine in some cases.) One from an artist who wants to reach her audience and build her brand through video. And one from an attorney who has been called upon to give an industry talk.
I am deeply committed to building leadership skills in South Asian women. So I take on clients one-on-one from time to time. It’s usually a 6-session package, designed bespoke to you and your end goals. I’ve been a ‘talking head’ i.e. a television anchor for 20 years, so speaking to a camera and crowds comes natural to me. Others want it become second nature to them too and I seem to be a pretty okay teacher.
Given the uncertain times, I decided to drop the six session commitment and offer one-hour intensives now through April 30th.

We will conduct our session over zoom call. So we can make the most of your hour, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out before our session:

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