3 Content Ideas for a High End Photographer

8am call with a client. We were thinking through her thought leadership.

👩🏻 She’s not your everyday photographer. She is someone who takes your family portrait and turns it into an oil painting that is hung above a mantle and tells a story. But she often gets stuck when staring at a blank page, wondering what to write?

Here were my 3 ideas:

1/ An oil painting is a really special thing to have. I was the Harvard Club in NYC last Monday and every luminary in the building had an oil painted rendition of them hanging on the wall. Not a photograph. It signals prestige. Legacy. Elevated. What if she painted that picture for the right client. A person may have children from a previous marriage and culturally, everyone gets along. What an accomplishment. How to capture that and put it where you would see it everyday? What’s the feeling a previous client had who elected to do an oil painting? Paint that picture for the client. I thought it would be great to have visuals placed in different contexts. There are apps that put paintings in different rooms of the house virutally. Above a bed. Above a fireplace. Why not do that with a previous client’s oil painting. I crave context when looking at clothing. It looks way different on a model versus a regular person on Instagram.

2/ I’m obsessed with frames and how they change the look of a painting. Frames, depending on style, size, pedigree, are also super expensive. What are some tips she could offer for someone who is confused about how to frame their oil painting to fit into the style of their home?

3/ Finally, could she educate her readers on why someone chooses an oil painting over canvas? To turn a photo into an oil portrait, a photographer can collaborate with a skilled painter or artist. This process involves capturing the essence and details of the original photo while adding the unique qualities and textures that come with an oil painting. Through their artistic interpretation, the painter can bring the photo to life in a new and visually striking way.


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Joya childhood photo
Ps I think about turning this childhood photo below into an oil painting. Me at 2 with my mom and uncle.

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