3.17 Edition What I Did Last Week (and what I’m looking forward to)

What I Did Last Week


This week, I heard two of the best analogies used in storytelling ever.

The first relates to Tiktok.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Congress is looking to ban it in the US.

At issue is this: China is using it to spy on us and get our blood types, among other things.

An analyst on Bloomberg offered an explanation of what constitutes a punishable offense.

Context: Tiktok is a place to twerk, learn how to make beef bourguignon. Conduct: Tiktok is a way to spy on Americans and collect sensitive information.

He then said, “Let me offer this analogy”

Context: I used this pen to write you a love letter Conduct: I used this pen to stab you and cause you harm

In both cases, the CONDUCT is the punishable offense.

Another example:

Today, I’m going to see the Annual orchid show at the NY Botanical Garden.

One of the designers Kristen Alpaugh of FLWR PSTL, invoked this analogy: My work is “Edwards Scissorhands and Willy Wonka had a flower baby.”

A statement powerful enough to get me to schlepp from Brooklyn to the Bronx to see it.

Always make your storytelling simple.


If it’s the subject is complex, use an analogy.

It provides the listener a sigh of relief. He or she can file it in a familiar box in his/her brain.

In this newsletter:

What I did last week

  • Friday. Speaking of TikTok, the social media platform is breathing new life into old restaurant standbys in New York City such as Carbone’s. I went there on a lunch date in 2017 and it was crickets. Now, the place is rife with 20 somethings and needs a booking 30 days in advance. I went with my friend Samantha who was visiting from Atlanta.
  • Saturday. By day, I went to a sake brewery in Industry City. Long dubbed an ‘old man’s drink,’ Brooklyn’s finest are brewing the stuff stateside and telling a new story about sake “drink it like wine.”
  • At night, I went to Lucy Prebble’s play “The Effect.” Earlier this week, I shared a post on writing a newsletter as if you are writing to one person. Interestingly enough, this writer for HBO’s “Succession” writes the lines to the actor playing the part. Since “The Effect” is 12 years old, she had to tweak lines for the new cast members who are from Canada and London.
  • Tuesday, I was back in the anchor seat at the Nasdaq doing business news on TV.
  • Wednesday. I did something that I’m really proud of. I blocked the day for deep work and wrote my E-book.
  • Here’s what I learned about myself: Even if I have an event in the evening, I’m still thinking all day about that event: Wearing makeup and dressing up. When do I have to hop the subway? Have I researched who will be there. When do I stop working.
  • I’m not focused or relaxed.
  • Wednesday was pure, unadulterated bliss, because I had time to ramp up, get into a flow state —and just write.
  • That’s it. Dorie Clark talks about “heads up and heads down mode” in this interview with me and her book “The Long Game.”
  • When in “heads down” mode, you are creating the course, writing the book, filming the movie, to the exclusion of everything else. Put parameters on the time yiou are in ‘heads down mode,’ but this is when you do ‘deep work’ that moves the needle.
  • When in “heads up mode” you are promoting ‘the thing’ you created, by attending networking events and socializing.

What I’m Looking Forward to

  • Friday. Female Founder Wellness Breakfast. I’m so bloody excited that this event is in my neighborhood, Dumbo. Hosted at the home of Kristine, I’m excited to learn about ways to manage energy. I am writing about the intersection of menopause x women’s leadership for Worth Magazine
  • Tuesday I am being featured in an art gallery exhibit March 19th in New York City. Award-winning photographer Priyanca Rao snapped 35 “South Asian Revolutionary Women” and is unveiling a compelling portrait of each.
  • Photo below. I love that we get to exist as our complex, ambitious selves in this exhibit, and not as the typical South Asian tropes.
  • Wednesday. I’m attending Christine’s Techwalk. Its a weekly walk in Central Park that allows women to connect with other members of the NYC Tech and SaaS communities. I’m not going darkly into the night like some relic. I wager there was inflection point, where we went from a manufacturing to a service economy. We are slowly moving from a service to a technology economy, so I want to sop up as much as I can in this low key conversational way.

PS I hit 10,000 followers on LinkedIn this week

And was really pleased. I buckled down and got serious about my content on LinkedIn early June of 2023. I got some inbound inquiries from clients, which was great.

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