2.25 Edition What I Did Last Week (and what I’m looking forward to)

What I Did Last Week - Version 3

I’m not joking when I tell you that I was in bed ALL day Saturday. A recent change of life (menopause) has been so disruptive to my productivity. I’m actually writing a series for a major magazine on it.

If you know me a little, you know I didn’t sit idly and consume raunchy romance novels. (Not that I ever did). I spent the day consuming videos by digital nomads who travel for a living and create high quality content.

I take my women leaders to other countries to do their storytelling strategy work. It creates both the mental white space and the calendar space for the brand of thinking Im challenging them to do.

SO–I have to prepare them for travel abroad and offer many tips on what to pack

I recommend these three Youtube channel/content creators who have spent the last 3+ years traveling. They create high value content around the technical equipment that makes them successful.

Bags. camera, power banks, backpacks.

They also include the practical equipment needed for the digital nomad life.

As I’m upping my own content creation game and teaching my clients to build their brands, in today’s newsletter, here are the equipment that come with me on every international travel trip, PLUS

A few new things from my day of research from bed:


Lettering artist and illustrator Jessica Hische:
"The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.

I mean, yeah.

The entire list here, but here are the 3 highlights of new things I’m tinkering with


It’s time to elevate out of shooting everything on my Iphone. I’m considering these two cameras, priced the same


I love my Dagne Dover backpack. It’s light as a feather, made from 29 recycled bottles. It has a great pocket to keep my computer safe. But does it keep my camera safe. SO— I’m considering either of these bags (not cheap BTW)

  1. Backpack 1 by Nomatic
  2. Backpack 2 by Peak Design

Travel Insurance

Okay this year I will be away from home for 3 months, longer stretches than I ever have. So I am looking into Safety Wing,endorsed by Nicole and Mico who have spent the last 3 years working remotely and built a 60K following on Youtube.

Founder Jared Schachter created this product as a safety net for digital nomads and remote teams. Nomad Insurance & Remote Health are just the first steps to a global health passport.

Now onto this week’s newsletter

What I did Last week

  • Friday. Tobias Menzies was fantastic in “The Hunt” on stage at St Ann’s Warehouse. After bearing witness to “SIX” on Broadway, I realized that all American casts have a certain “look at me” quality the entire time they are performing. But the Brits are totally committed to the craft.
  • Sunday. Weight lifting at new Liftonic location in the East Village, followed by brunch at the uber fun Lamia Fish Market on Avenue B.
  • Monday.
  • It was the President’s Day holiday, but I worked all day. I onboarded a new storytelling client.
  • Tuesday I stepped down from a board seat that didn’t match my values anymore. I playing around with Opus.pro and generating clips like this.
  • Wednesday
  • I am actively thinking about productizing my business this year and am attending events to hear how legacy industries are doing that.
  • I attended a Black History Month event, hosted at Shopify, elevating black founders and business people in the wine industry. Marvina Robinson, founder of Bedstuyvesant Champagne, former speaker at the Women’s Leadership Lab, was a speaker on the panel.
  • She has created a “Bubbly bot” based on ChatGPT technology to create a source for all things champagne. Another panelist spoke about virtual reality experiences where patrons, wearing goggles, can “walk through the vineyards in Bordeaux,” drinking a Bordeaux, but never leaving their couch.


What I’m looking forward to

  • Friday. TV Dinner with my friend Gino Perrotte, communications professor at Baruch, at Burmese restaurant Rangoon in Chelsea. I’m also making my way through the Oscar Nominees. 
  • I came home and watched “Past Lives” written and directed by Korean-American director Celine Song twice. I don’t know if its the hormones, but I cried like a baby through it all. Song’s intent is to get under your skin with this immigration story, set in Seoul and New York City. It  first premiered at Sundance 2023 and is now nominated for two Academy Awards, Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.
  • Friday.For years, I’ve reported from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and heard the deafening opening and closing bell, mainly because I was seated next to the darn percussion instrument.
  • But Friday, I actually get to be in the little terrace, because my friend’s organization is ringing the closing bell.
  • Saturday Opera. Madame Butterfly at the Met
  • March 19th Photographer Priyanca Rao took on a self driven project to photograph 35 Revolutionary South Asian Women. I was nominated, thanks to my friend Mou Chowdhury. Rao is finally releasing the photo project in a gallery exhibit March 19th in New York City.
  • Strategic Solitude Client days in
  • Lisbon
  • Vegas
  • Nice
  • Paris
  • Florence Click to see the 3 day, 2 night agenda.


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