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What I Did Last Week - Version 7

Last week, I shared my report card looking back at business in 2023.

This week, it’s eyes forward, looking ahead to business in 2024. I find this process overwhelming by the way. Sue Ashford, who heads up leadership studies at U of Michigan, shares in this interview with me, that strategic work is the hardest for women to do.

  • Women are naturally ‘do-ers’

  • There is dopamine hit from a feeling of accomplishing a task.

  • Strategic work doesn’t offer that dopamine hit. It’s nebulous. Amorphous. Undefined.

  • We see a clearer path to 4 or 5 lesser goals, so we do those instead.

So, I set out a plan to define it.

I spent the last few years, collecting frameworks and questions from other smart people into my Pocket app.

Here are 3 steps to how I am planning for 2024

Step 1. Make a vision board

Long ago, I chucked the magazine-scissors-glue version of a vision board in favor of a digital one.

Less mess, in my opinion.

I use the Invision app, a digital whiteboard developed for far more nobler purposes than my vision board, but I don’t care.

I made categories (health, finances, business, travel, relationship) and uploaded images mapped to my goals in each.

It helps me to see my goals visually first. My vision board draft 1 here.


Step 2. How do others describe you? How do you want to be described?

I learned these beautiful questions from a former coach Gabrielle Leonard (may she rest in peace.)

It originates from a list of shadow work questions here.

I answered both questions here.

Now here is the most powerful part: What’s the difference between the two?

The first time I did this exercise, I realized that I had not quite shook the ‘avatar’ of news anchor in favor of ‘successful business woman.’

I changed that this year.

For me, it reflected back the gaps I needed to fill.


Step 3. Business Goals for 2024

I found this in Sahil Bloom’s Annual Planning Guide.

Create a goal.

Create a checkpoint for the goal. In other words, how will you know if you are on track to hit it?

Your goal is only as good as your systems. What systems will you commit to in order to hit the goal?

If you think this stuff sucks, a quick hack to getting to certainty? List all the things you DON’T want to happen. Bloom calls them ‘Anti Goals’

He also offers a series of questions, that I plan to answer next weekend, that I find compelling. Its in service of not creating the same mistakes in 2024.

I share my first draft here.

Now on to

What I Did Last Week

Saturday. I’m still thinking about the Highline Quartet, performing holiday songs amidst a 1,000 candles at the Williamsburg Opera House. Reel here. Holy *&it was one of the most magical things I had seen in some time.

I binge-watched Season 2 of the Turkish drama As the Crow Flies. Actress Birce Akalay is luminous as the unseated TV anchor.

Sunday. We went to Christmas mass at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. Matt thought I was dozing, but I just had my eyes shut. I was raised a Hindu, but I find church comforting. Since, we were nearby, we waded through throngs of tourists to the Rockefeller Tree, before hopping the subway home to Brooklyn.

Monday. Christmas. I was surprised to see every bench filled at my 10am weight lifting class in the Meatpacking district.

Afterwards, I was happy to park myself on the couch and wax nostalgic as I watched Christmas Story and Frosty the Snowman. My father and I never had a great relationship. The cultural divide, being first generation and him from an immigrant, was too far to bridge. But, we shared a tender moment over Ziggy’s Gift each year. I was pleased to find it on Youtube. (Is there anything NOT on Youtube?)

Tuesday. I invited Matt to a Sound Bath experience on the Upper East Side.

“How did you find this?” he asked. Translation = “Why am I here?”

He was pissed nobody put a bowl on him last time I took him to one. We finished the evening with dinner at La Golue, drinks at Paris Match.

Wednesday. I spent the day at my co-working space, drafting and redrafting my magazine article on menopause disrupting women’s leadership.

Thursday and Friday. I was back in the anchor seat, doing business news on morning tv from the Nasdaq Marketsite in Times Square. I treated myself to a delicious noon class at my favorite hot yoga studio. The girl next to me alerted me Alo yoga having a mad sale. I bought this bra and these leg warmers for wearing over my leggings for my workouts on the NY cold winter days that may never come.

I marked Friday with a lunch at Pastis with an old friend

Saturday. I don’t know who told some Gen Z-er or Millennial about Bemelman’s Bar in the Carlyle Hotel. I used to be able to amble in on a Saturday afternoon and not jockey too much for a seat and a martini. Now, its an hour and half wait to get in to this old New York institution.

Us Generation X’ers (I had to look that up btw) and I are “hacking in” by making dinner reservations at the Carlyle restaurant. Suggested dress code is “elegant and chic!”

Sunday. New Years Eve! One of us came up with the hair-brained idea to go see the New Year’s Eve concert at the Vienna Opera House, which has the best acoustics in the world. But, given that we have travelled a TON already in 2023, we decided to leverage the Opera House, right in our own backyard. Friends, Matt and I are headed to a 3 hour opera better known as Carmen. We will be ringing in the new year with dinner at Leopard des Artistes, an old upper West Side staple.

It was a bit of a ‘do’ to find a place that wasn’t offering a prix fixe dinner for $500 bucks. Leopard is offering its regular menu.

I didn’t want to be held hostage to a prix-fixe dinner and potentially bad band.

I like feeling like a local.

I’m wearing this Cos dress for New Year’s.


What am I looking forward to

  • The Kick-off to my Samita Lab Mastermind. The retreat is January 20th at a loft in Williamsburg with Chef Nitin presiding.

  • And 2 months in Nice June-July 2024. I’ve been listening to this song from Charles Azvenour to get into the French spirit.



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