12.10 Edition

What I Did Last Week Barcelona Edition 2

Sitting on a piece of wood is food with accompanying story of the restaurant’s history with dates. The liquidised oyster (not fishy tasting at all), joined by the dry sherry is so tasty.

Ice cream finds its way surprisingly into many dishes, but then the wine carefully curated to be drank at room temperature.

The last main course of the evening is this delightful poularde pithivier with truffle and fresh herb sauce. A poularde is a type of chicken over 120 days old which has never laid eggs. This creates a softer and more refined and rich taste. And the pithivier is a French method of creating a round type of pastry pie, with fillings such as meat or vegetables.

To start the desserts (there were 3), starting with this soapy cloud, suspended over the dish. It reminded me of little kids making bubbles in the summer time.

The menu may be over, but there’s more to come. The famous Can Roca dessert trolley, with all it’s Petit Fours, is wheeled to every table at the end of the meal. We were given 10 different petit four. They included mini oreo cookies, chocolate cookies pineapple squares with coconut, c

On the drive back from Barcelona, a thought kept popping up: Could I live here for a summer?

In my Mastermind, I’m taking you on adventures like this.  I’m teaching you to create a life by design, not by default. 

I’ll teach you in my Mastermind starting on January 20th, 2024? I’m currently enrolling and only enroll once a year.

If this sounds good to you, put the word “Interested” in the subject line in an email to me ,joya@joyadass.com> and I’ll get back to you with more details.

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