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What I Did Last Week - Version 8

Every Friday, I write this newsletter, which shares what I’m doing personally and what I’m doing professionally.

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Today at a Glance:

  • Framework: How I Pack for Strategy Days with Clients Abroad
  • Article:  How I created 6 TEDx Style speakers in 1 year
  • Observation: The 7 Things I Learned from 20 Years in Television
  • Application: To be in the 2024 Class of my Mastermind and give your TEDx style talk on stage too

After all the Thanksgiving gluttony, Matt and I sat down to watch “Jack Ryan” on Amazon. When the main character commandoes off during a highly tense political situation in Venezuela, his superior asks for an “After Action Report.”

The military uses these reports after an incident in order to be more prepared, more strategic for the next time.

Questions such as

  • What was supposed to happen?

  • What did happen?

  • What are some improves?

  • What are some sustains?

  • What can be done to improve next time?

I’m currently packing for a 16-day trip to Spain. It’s part client work. It’s part birthday celebration.

When packing for client work abroad, I use an “AAR Report” to cut down on the decision fatigue around clothing choices or the fashion FOMO that sets in when I travel. Long ago, I decided to be more strategic –far more in advance, and do my own version of an “AAR Report” for packing.

As David Goggins says, “You can’t prepare for all of the unknown factors. But, if you have better pre-game focus, you will likely only have to deal with one or two rather than ten.”

So here is my strategy for packing for 16 days in Spain

  1. I keep a Trello board with a packing list for the essentials: Hairdryer, converter, rice cakes. I copy it over for each trip.Trello board lists

  2. The board is broken down by toiletry case, categorizing what goes into each.

  3. Months ago, I checked out the street style in Barcelona. On Youtube, there are street cams trained on the streets, categorized by season. I made my style whiteboard based on this.

  4. On the whiteboard, each outfit is mapped to each activity, accounting for temperature highs and lows. I pick and stay with one color palette per trip.

  5. I ‘practice pack’ at least a few days before my flight. This helps me to understand, do I need to carry on? Do I need to check in? Does everything fit? Am I missing something key? I still have time on my side to get those things from the store

  6. Packing cubes are your friend. One woman recently told me how proud she was of coming to a New York weekend with a family of 5, with just two carry-on suitcases. She packed each child’s clothing by outfit, following my methodology. She didn’t overpack as a result.

Now on to this week’s newsletter:

What I did Last Week

  • Thursday. Members of my Samita Lab Mastermind gave their TEDx style talks on a NYC stage in front of their friends, family, CEO’s. It was the grand finale of their personal brand work with me for the year— and a great success. Their talks are professionally filmed and they walk away with a key digital asset.

  • How I created 6 TEDx Style speakers in 1 year.

  • How my mastermind works here. Album here.

  • As things go with live events, my door person called out sick at the last minute. I needed to build a deeper bench, but in a last minute pinch, I asked my partner Matt to help out. He rode a bike all the way from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side to beat the traffic. I wasn’t feeling well and had to carry the entire evening as emcee. He handed me a can of coke upon arrival. I was glad the can survived the bike ride. Friends and I dove into Oda House, a Georgian restaurant, afterwards for food and drinks to celebrate.

  • Friday. The celebrating continued, with champagne and high tea at the Baccarat hotel. The signature scent piped through the vents gets me every time I walk in the doors of this midtown hotel. Afterwards, a big gang of friends and I gathered at the Bitter End in the East Village to hear “Zach Jones and the Tricky Bits” and “Salcedo’s Latin Soul” take the stage. Gosh I haven’t listened to live music at a bar like this since graduate school. It was so fun and an occasion to break out my leather jacket.

  • Saturday. Matt and I scrubbed our home until it shined like a shiny penny. We celebrated the TEDx talk success with friends over for his famous African Peanut Stew. I prompted ChatGPT to tell me what cheeses to pair. It spit out feta, a goat cheese and a gouda on the cheeses and Gewurtztraminer, and oaked Chardonnay, and Viognier for the wines. Who needs Google? Friends from Oslo brought Melkesjokolade, made from milk from Norwegian cows, for dessert.

  • Sunday service!” he yells. I love the 8:30am Sunday morning class with my favorite SoulCycle instructor Sam Y. His mantra: “Be phenomenal. Attract phenomenal.” I won’t lie. A former hockey player, he’s pretty phenomenal to look at. He started class with the opening song from “The White Lotus.” Afterwards, I stopped at Lafayette. Say, when did a pain chocolat and coffee cost $20.00? I miss Paris right now, where I could do both for $6.00.

  • Monday. I did morning television from the Nasdaq Marketsite in Times Square. I left in 2017 to work on my business full time. But every once in a while, I get called to jump back into the anchor seat to fill in for my friend Jane.

  • But here are 7 things I learned from 20 years in television
  • Tuesday. I hosted a VIP Day with a client at Soho House. These are strategy sprints, designed to think through a person’s thought leadership and personal brand. I’m currently booking 2024 days in Nice, London, and Paris.

  • Wednesday. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am religious about my 6am workouts in the Meatpacking district. I’m switching things up by hosting more breakfast meetings at nearby Pastis afterwards. I love their egg soldiers and they open right on the dot at 8am.

  • Wednesday evening, Matt and I kept our Thanksgiving eve tradition by catching the grand finale of Amateur night at the Apollo. It’s a talent show, with kids and adults, singing, delivering poetry, dancing, and playing instruments. The winners walk away with up to $20K in award winnings.

  • Thanksgiving Thursday. We headed to the Penn Club, wading through the throngs of tourists in town for the Macy’s Day parade, for 12pm Thanksgiving lunch with my friend Jane and her family. Afterwards, we played a rabble rousing round of Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza by the fire. It’s a card game where players take turns flipping over cards and saying a word.  Tim Ferriss’ recommends it in his newsletter.

  • Friday. It will be a full day of working. Matt is headed to see the Jets play at the Meadowlands. I’ll have quiet dinner at Carne Mare with a fellow board member of the Chamber Orchestra of NY.

What am I looking forward to

  • I fly to Barcelona Monday for a Client VIP Day (see link for agenda)

  • Carnegie Hall December 14th. I’m on the board of the Chamber Orchestra of NY. We are gathering and inviting friends for the holiday concert and VIP reception afterwards.

  • Christmas Eve Mass at St Patricks Cathedral! But the 4pm is all in Spanish and the midnight mass has a sold out lottery. New York City.

  • New Years Eve. We seeing the opera Carmen at the Metropolitan opera.

Joya Dass speaking

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I’ll teach you in my Mastermind starting on January 20th, 2024? I’m currently enrolling and only enroll once a year.

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