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Today at a Glance:

  • Observation: Solo Adventures Are Like Candy
  • Exercise:  A ‘Mental Movie’ Helps with Manifesting Anything You Want
  • Framework: How My Mastermind Works
  • Adventure: What You Could Be Doing In Barcelona with Me 

Solo Adventures Are Like Candy

I love an adventure.

It’s been an intense time. Last night, my Mastermind practiced their TEDx style talks on a NYC stage. It was dress rehearsal, so this is the last dry-run before  actual performance at 6pm in front of a live audience and four cameras next Thursday Nov 16th.

To give my mind (and heart) a well deserved break, I signed up for an adventure today. The solo weekday kind of adventure, before the weekend crowds inundate.

Solo adventures in New York City are like a piece of candy.

Wrapper off.

Chewy German chocolate.

Caramel dripping off the sides.

Piece of candy.

Just for me.

Today’s piece of candy is nestled in an art gallery wayyy on the West Side of Manhattan. Nestled there is an exhibit by Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist, just opening yesterday. (I couldn’t go yesterday)

The novelty (at least for me) is that it’s split up between 2 New York City locations. 

The Hauser & Wirth’s 22nd Street  is “the living room” and Luhring Augustine’s 24th Street location is “the backyard.”

While last week’s solo adventure was a study in inflatables and projections, “PRICKLING GOOSEBUMPS & A HUMMING HORIZON” is a study in resin and projections.

Rist is a pioneer in video art and embeds video into her sculptures and gives them clever titles such as  ‘I’m Not The Girl Who Misses Much’ (1986). 

It’s totally free.

What I Did Last Week

Friday. Facial with Nikima to get ready for the Blackstars Summit & Awards Gala awards.  It can feel icky to walk up to a total stranger, introduce yourself, make conversation, and she makes you feel like you’re an imposition. I was really touched by how open people were open to connecting afterwards and continue the conversations long after this Friday evening. May I always be in this good company!  If you missed it (6 Ways to Follow Up After a Big Event)

Saturday,  More self-care with a hair color appointment with
“Marlene the Color Queen” at Salon Manzanilla. 

I said “no” to a Diwali party. I have to be way more mindful of my energy right now, given that I’m having a tough menopause.

Everything has to be focused on the upcoming TEDx style talks Nov 16th. The year is culminating in this.  (It’s public by the way. You can attend. There are 16 tickets left before we hit capacity.)

“No” is a very key productivity tool for me right now.

Sunday. Matt was away, enjoying a boys weekend in Milwaukee. I rested, did work. Caught up on “Jack Ryan” on TV.   I see John Krasinski’s rough and tumble Tom Clancy character, and all I think of is his “I-told-you-so-Ethan” character from the 2011 rom-com Something Borrowed.

Laster, I had a beautiful evening restorative and flow class at Abhaya Yoga in Dumbo.

As I planned my week, I am being intentional about vitamin supplements (My blood tests indicate I’m ‘very anemic’ right now).  I carry them in my purse in this great $6.00 gadget from Amazon.

Monday, Tuesday, I broke up my routine with breakfast meetings versus dinner meetings, post-workout. When I posted this on my social media about menopause disrupting my leadership as a woman, Samantha introduced me to Integrative Health Coach Donna Mintz.


Did you know a ‘Mental Movie’ helps with manifesting anything you want?

I joined a new community for my spiritual growth, and learned this cool exercise. I think it helps anyone who struggles with ‘visualization’

I went for drinks at Manhatta.  I’m on the board of the Chamber Orchestra of NY and as they ready for the Christmas concert, another board member and I went for some wine to talk about ideas. The views are just spectacular.  Afterwards, I met a member of my Mastermind to do some one-on-one work on her TEDx style talk at Crown Shy over dinner.

Thursday. I was back in the anchor seat, doing TV in the morning. (business news from Times Square)

Friday, I catch up with my friend Amanda Wick. We recorded this podcast on the parallels between adventure and leadership together.

I meet up with my friend Sarah, whom I met at the Blackstar Awards Gala last Friday. 

Dinner with my friend Gino, who teaches a class on executive presence at Baruch College. He and I share travel stories at the former Paris Match over dinner.


What I’m looking forward to

The 2023 Class of my Samita Lab Mastermind giving their TEDx style talks on a NYC stage. Could you see yourself doing this November 2024? A few ideas:

THANKSGIVING! Matt and I headed to the Penn Club here in New York City with my friend Jane’s family. We are so excited to catch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade over a glass of champagne as the balloons go by.

What You Could Be Doing in Barcelona with Me

In 25 days.   

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