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October 13th I’m on Shelly Lombard’s panel  “How to Fit More Travel Into Your (already busy!) Life?”  with four other experts.  

When I thought about ‘things I would regret’ when I was on my deathbed, this one thought consistently came up: Live for 4 weeks in Europe. In some ways, I was waiting for permission. Permission from whom, I’m not sure. But when I became hyper-conscious of the 5 people I surrounded myself with, I made a change. I found women who were doing it. Who celebrated doing it and made it look easy. I made it a goal in my 2022 journal.

I did a month in Paris this past June.  All in, I will have spent 9 weeks in Europe this year.

A woman said to me yesterday on a discovery call “You’re really breaking the norm.” 

Maybe for Indian women. But I’ve always been an outlier there too. I’m breaking the norm for me.  Coincidentally, I was asked these questions for a magazine this week. I feature my answers (sans the photos)  on my favorite parts of Paris in this week’s edition of “What I Did Last Week (and what I’m looking forward to)

What does the word ‘Paris’ evoke for you?

Beauty. The architecture. Hitler had ordered Paris to be burned to the ground. One general dared to defy him. When I look around Paris, I think about how it stands in spite of someone. Not because of.

Your first memory of Paris?

Ice cream cart. High school trip. 1990. I didn’t have the correct change. I didn’t get ice cream that day.

Where do you feel most at home?

At home in Brooklyn in my West Elm bamboo sheets.

What is the mark of a true Parisian?

Someone who can put 3 very unlikely pieces of clothing together and make it look like, of course it fits.

Which famous figure best embodies Paris?

Gertrude Stein.

Your favorite place for breakfast?

Hope 27.

Where are the best boutiques?

Antoine et Lili, Canal Saint Martin. Gerard Darel. Claudie Pierlot. Marais. Rue de Notre Dame Nazareth for vintage clothing.

Guests at your dream dinner party in Paris?

Where do you eat out in Paris?

Perruche, Chez Louis Ami, Le Roi de Pique

Favorite memory in Paris?

Ballet at the Grand Palais. The artistic risks they take that would never fly in the US. Piano concert at a chapel in the 6th on a summer Sunday evening. Watercoloring urns and vinca flowers in Luxembourg Gardens at a morning drawing class. Looking out at all of Paris from the restaurant Perruche, which means “Parakeet” in French. 

What is the craziest thing you have seen or heard in the streets of Paris?

The monstrous Yayoi Kusama figurine outside the Louis Vuitton store, with paint splotches on the building.

Now on to “What I Did Last Week (and what I’m looking forward to)

Uneventful week. I was a little under the weather, so I was happy to work from home. If i’m being honest, I’m perio menopausal and its taking its toll on me. Art journaling in my Notion.so

Monday. I discovered this amazing tool. Say you are overwhelmed with a task. You type in the task in the search bar. The tool breaks down the mega overwhelming task into smaller bite sized ones. Magic!

Tuesday. I love Priya Parkers’ Art of Gathering book. In this week’s newsletter, she writes about gatherings gone sideways. Her advice: “Find just the right amount of structure for a group to take off.”

Thursday  I returned to the very booth suspended above the New York Stock Exchange trading floor where I started my tv career. I was doing a CEO interview and it brought back memories. The next 7 Thursdays, I’m training the current class of my Mastermind to give their Tedx style talks on a NYC stage Nov 16th. You can attend.

Friday  I have a VIP Day with client to think through her pricing and packaging, and most importantly, her brand. I’m already planning ahead for VIP Days in 2024 in London, Nice, and Paris. If you’re interested in building your personal brand and creating content that drives eyeballs to it, make sure to book in advance and get added to my Client Queue for an immersive cultural experience.  Book a minimum of 30 days in advance. With international trips, I’m also building you an immersive cultural experience.


What I’m looking forward to


The Manet vs. Degas exhibit has opened at the Met and explores the close and sometimes tumultuous relationship between French artist greats. Both defined modern painting in France. I plan to go during member hours 9-10am. I’m gonna throw on my J. Crew sweater and this wrap in camel. If the rain holds off, I’ll wear these evil eye Kurt Geiger slides. Otherwise, my Nike sneakers it is.

A long time member of my women’s leadership platform is hosting a dinner reuniting the Croatia crew from 2022 at her home. I’m looking forward to the fire pit and s’mores. I’m wearing a beautiful vintage cape I found in a vintage store in Pennsylvania. Ella Long Sleeve Breton from Boden and jeans.

This dinner at the New York Wine and Film Festival.

I have a client VIP Day in Barcelona early December. After a sprint of strategy, I  treat my International VIP Day clients to a half day spa day. We are heading to the Aire Baths Barcelona.

Travel organizers I’m geeking out on

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