1/30 How to find long term lodging in Paris

How To Find Long-Term Lodging In Paris

In 4 days, I leave for Paris. I will be there doing strategy days with American clients for 4 weeks.

I’ve lived in New York City since I was 23 years old. I took out a loan to come here. By myself. A friend who worked at the Today Show was vacating his apartment and I took over the lease.

Now I’m 50. Being in television and doing hourly reports on the markets, I’ve only ever eaten all of my meals, tethered to my desk, jamming it in my mouth in between shots on air. At the end of 2022, I wrote to myself in my journal: I will spend 4 weeks in Europe in 2023.

There is a another way to be. Another way to live. I want to experience the pomp and circumstance that comes with an everyday dinner. I have the privilege of now running my own business, so I can work from anywhere.

If you are daydreaming, thinking, musing about doing the same, here are the 4 steps I took:

1. Pick Your Neighborhood. I’ve been hosting events in Paris for years. If I’m bringing a group of women there for an event, I will stay in the 1st arrondissement. Its centrally located and walkable to everything. On my own, and this time, I’m living in the Marais neighborhood, which is the 3rd and 4th. Its more residential. The vibe is like Soho and I love visiting the Bastille Market on Sundays for vegetables. Each paycheck, I put away $219 dollars to save for my Airbnb.

2. Pick a Superhost on Airbnb. I don’t speak French. All the more reason to get someone who has a good command of the English language and is incredibly responsive. These are labeled “Superhosts” on Airbnb. First, I read the reviews. I messaged the host. Gauged our interactions and speed of response. Ensured a proper desk and chair because I will be working while there. Then I booked. Paris isn’t a big fan of elevators or air conditioning. The host arranged a taxi service that will pick me up at the airport AND will carry my bags up the zillion stairs.

3. Scope out nearby supermarkets, amenities, subway entrance. I put the address into Google maps, take the “little yellow guy icon,” and ‘walk the streets’ of my neighborhood virtually. I eyeballed where the Monoprix (grocery) is, (5 minute walk), where the pharmacie is (7 min walk) etc. The nearby subway stop (7 min walk–Paris doesn’t have the phone pass yet, so I have to buy a Navigo card).

I’m an incredibly organized packer, but I’ll be honest, I’m struggling with the capsule wardrobe I’m bringing with me. I have to pack for client strategy days, speaking at a conference, a visit to the Caudalie spa in the South of France, yoga/daily workouts, lazy Sundays at the market. 

Check out what I finally mapped on paper.

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