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What I Did Last Week - Version 6

This long MLK weekend, we are upstate at the home of a member of the Women’s Leadership Lab and their families. I shared what I am packing here.

I’m most excited for the social connection and time in nature.

I’m naturally a wound up person (I mean, have we met?). As much as I love New York City, I don’t love the lack of ready access to nature. I’m looking forward to lowering my stress (and cortisol levels).

We haven’t hung out since Croatia, so i’m excited for the whitespace for us to rekindle our friendships. I kick off the 2024 Class of the Mastermind next weekend.

What I Did Last Week

Friday. My friend Kelly and I walked from Wall Street to the East Village to catch up. A walk and talk is something new we’re trying. It’s better than swilling Sancerre at our favorite French hole in midtown.

Given my above penchant for organizing and packing for trips, she gifted me these amazing Packing Planners, the brain child of a friend in Nebraska and her gift store ShopFiveNine at 6105 Maple St. in Omaha.

Woman-owned, LGBTQ+ and femme-powered.

Afterwards, I met friends for dinner at Jazba, an homage to Delhi street food from the founders of the far tonier cousin restaurant uptown. Not an empty seat to be found in the house.

Sunday. I’m putting a bigger premium on rest. I’m on sales calls nonstop as I am working to fill my Mastermind for 2024 and it gets exhausting.

I stayed home all day Sunday, meal prepped salads and overnight oats and strategized for the week. BTW, movies I’m obsessing over. I stumbled upon this movie Eight Mountains, jury prize winner at Cannes, and it made me cry like a baby. It’s about friendships, lost and found and alllllll in Italian.

My &*(ing god, the sweeping views of the Italian alps are stunning. The filmmakers are a pure study in subtlety in showing moments of separation, death, expiry, without clubbing you over the head with it. It’s in an errant ski. Vultures pecking. 

Monday. I had a great session with my coach Ryan, learning how to leverage ChatGPT4 for my content creation in 2024. My 5 takeaways.

Tuesday. I engaged in a Virtual Trust Salon, hosted by Rimma Boshernitsan. The goal of these salons is crowdsource ideas and to design for trust. My notes help me to crystallize my learnings as well. Notes here.

Wednesday, I joined a new network of elite coaches on how to grow a newsletter. I bring all of this intelligence back to clients. My notes from that session here.

Another beautiful film. We know Daniel Levy from his queeny, bitchy character in Schitt’s Creek. I’m thinking he always had access to this gravitas and depth, but we truly bear witness to another side of Eugene Levy’s son in Good Grief now on Netflix. The storyline, written and produced by Levy, heaves onto the viewer, a marriage that abruptly ends in the death of one partner. It also reveals that partner’s double life. Be prepared to be regaled by the sights and sounds of Paris where his double life includes a stunning pied-de-terre.

Thursday. Hosting my SheSuite roundtable of women leaders. First meeting of 2024, considering these questions.

What am I looking forward to

  • Wedding in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March
  • Las Vegas VIP Day client. April
  • Glamping in Moab for Matt’s birthday. April
  • Mastermind Retreat, Class of 2024, Nice, France

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