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This is a forum for executive women.

The Women’s Leadership Academy is place for women to interact socially and professionally. It’s a place for your development as a leader.

You come together each week for peer mentoring calls to crowd-source solutions to challenges you face in your professional life.  Come be in a room with women who didn’t choose the traditional path.

You come together each week for expert mentoring. Each week, we interview a CEO, an author or thought leader. They take questions from you live, so you get one-on-one coaching.  You meet CEO’s you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

You will come together for 8 women dinners. Here,  we have conversations you aren’t having in your social circles or with your family. It’s a judgment-free zone. But we will challenge you with questions you haven’t considered before.

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Public Speaking

Carry A Room With Authority

Do you want to be on more panels, but struggle with telling your story? Are you tired of getting drowned out in meetings? Are you afraid of judgment?

In 6 sessions, I teach you the confidence and courage you need to command a room with authority. I bring in experts to speak to your specific pain points around public speaking. 

You can leverage the public speaking offering in one of three ways: one-on-one coaching with me, a Masterclass, or on-demand spot coaching.


I create shared experiences. This way, networking comes more organically and easily afterwards, even to the most introverted person in the room. 

There is a conversation circle before –and after the activity. Before hand, we ask questions such as: Where are you experiencing a block? Where can you be more creative?  Afterwards, we ask: What came up for you? What can you apply to business that you learned here?

You will also hear from some of the best speakers in the industry. They will address your professional pain points. 

I moderate so every woman in the room is heard and seen.

The Women's Leadership Academy

When I was building my career as a TV anchor, I had no role models. I got busy building the network that would get me to my goals. I want the same for you.

This is a membership- driven space for your leadership development. The three ways  I drive programming is:

  • Peer to peer mentoring 
  • Expert mentoring 
  • Events

Who are you?

  • You are a women in senior to mid-level management
  • OR You have owned a business for 6-8 years
  • You have a track record of investing in your personal development. It’s a priority for you.
  • You are well-read.
  • You are well-travelled. You have a curiosity about your world.
  • You believe in giving of your resources and time.
  • You believe in the power of networking 
  • You are an active listener.

Case Studies.
What The Academy can do for you.

Sanketa attended her first LadyDrinks event in May 2019.  I was hosting a charity fundraiser in Plainfield, New Jersey. It was a show house, featuring the work of several members who were interior designers.  Proceeds for ticket sales were going to the Valerie Fund. 

Sanketa had cancer as a teenager.  The Valerie Fund not only saved her life, but it provided the funds for her treatment. She saw the event as a means to reconnect with the Fund.  

At the event, Sanketa told her story. Today, she makes her living as a personal chef. While her current client base for Eat Krave Love was friends and family, she wanted to get in front of a new audience, and a new client base.   She started catering events for LadyDrinks. Others in the membership started hiring her too. She got new headshots done. She started to build a brand.

Sanketa’s client base grew. She reached newer audiences.  Her biggest takeaway was— learning to bet on herself.

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These brand partners have helped underwrite the cost of high caliber speakers and events
Get Instant Access to Tips You Can Use Today
Build Your Confidence for Public Speaking

While many women come to me for training on delivery of their pitch or talk, it’s really courage she is seeking.

Here are some quick tips for things you can do at home to build your courage.

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22 Ways to Love Your Business Again

How do you become your own best champion?

These 22 tips were crowd-sourced from the Women’s Leadership Academy community. 22 ways you, too, can love your business again

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Assert Yourself at Work [and Home]​

As women, we can find it hard to (gracefully) break into conversations. That doesn’t need to be the case. Sometimes, success in public speaking has to do with being armed with the right language to deploy in real time.

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Get Booked for Public Speaking

You’re already a savvy public speaker. But now you want  to be booked to speak. Where to start?

I’ve been asked to speak at organizations and corporates over the years. I share how to get those requests here. 

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